INNO-F1 & F2 are efficient electric golf cart designed with both the Player and the Course Owner in mind.

For Players

• They can enjoy a comfortable and safe mode of transportation.

• The perfect balance of speed ensures smooth gameplay without any frustration.

• The compact size and convenient maneuverability add to the enjoyment of getting around.

For Club owners

• It allows for efficient course operations and cost savings by eliminating wasted time.

• Its compact size enables efficient space utilization.

• It has strong durability, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

• It provides customers with an unparalleled experience through its sleek and modern design.


INNO-F1 & F2 golf carts enhance the golfing experience for both players and course owners by improving the pace of play and ensuring the protection of fairways. 

Be a part of the INNOVATION and Shift to INNO-F1 & F2 as it is a game changer!