YouTube - Match Play TV 

MatchPlay TV Host, Ray Adams, said ‘single-rider golf carts are the way of the future’ and shared about the innovation and environmental footprint while visiting with the designer.


Matt Adams and Amy Rogers, summarized and showed off the INNO-F1 golf cart to the world. Being the only single-rider cart to be showcased, Amy was quick to point out the ability to play faster and have less maintenance because of the design. 

YouTube - mygolfspy 

Adam Beach from MyGolfSpy said it best. ‘It’s time for the two-cart rider to die! The pace of play has to get better and single-cart riders are a part of that solution.’

    Facebook - PGA of America

PGA Coach, Gavin Parker, listed it among one of his five favorite things at the PGA Show Demo & Fitting Day.

YouTube - Michigan Golf Live

The innovations in golf course transportation continue to evolve, with traditional 2-person carts being challenged by solo riders like the new INNO-F1 from Innomobility.